I'm one of you!


I’m a gadgets and super hero enthusiast. And I would like to share my love with others.

I’ve been told by many that I should write a blog because of all the gadgets I purchase; and then I turn around and let others know how it worked and or how it didn’t perform to my standards.

First & foremost, I have always been an artist. I love the art I find in all things!

I am by no means a SUPER GEEK, I am not a ENCYCLOPEDIA of Comic Book knowledge. I know what I know, and the rest I look up as it pertains to my interest.

I do want to help & inform the New Geeks, the ones with a yearning to learn.

I think loving comics and wanting to know all you can comes from appreciating the characters, their stories & their struggles. And internalizing them as your own, and understanding them on a personal level.



Don't you just hate when someone asks you a question like what's your favorite movie or what's your top 5 favorite comics?

Then you have either a massive brain fart or so many things roll through you head faster than the speed of light and you just stand there kind of drooling.  Wait, is that just me?

Speaking of me, I'm just your average over-consumer of all forms of entertainment.  I've been reading and watching any and everything I can get my hands on for long as I can remember.  My mom gave me one of her Kung Fu magazines called Karate when I was about 7 or 8 and I haven't stopped since.  Books, movies, anime, animation, comics, etc.


I love it all and I want to share that love.


Is a writer for Geeky Girls Guide to Life and Press Start Hub.

Her current obsessions include: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Black Panther, and chasing around her energetic toddler until bedtime.


Is an African American Comic Writer and Manga Writer.

She has worked on many projects both Personal and Collaborative such as Hitoshi Rock, Sid, Fresald Haldi, Yeehaw Blue and Verto V.

She specializes in creating strong female leads, and compelling adventures to take them on.


She is not a writer for PLUS and editor.


A native of the DMV area that has lived in Osaka, Japan for almost 10 years where she's started a punk band, DJs at your local nerd hangouts and may even be translating your new fave nerdy game.

Current obsessions include: TOOL, game development, meditating and gardening, alongside the lifelong obsessions of video games movies and animation.


I am a Cuban Dominican American, D.C Native, brown shin woman over 30.

I enjoy long romantic (expensive) walks down the aisles of all Beauty Stores.




Gadgets & Geekery is a blog dedicated to finding and sharing new and exciting geek technology, movies, anime, comics and all around geek culture with people who have similar interests.

Intended for adult viewers only. As this blog contains mature content not meant for younger audiences.