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Anybody need help working out these days: Fitbit vs. Misfit

Hello to all the folks out there still working out, getting it all healthy & stuff! I solute you and when I grow up, I want to be just like you. And I’m pretty sure there are others out there just like me…

So with that said, I want to help those masses find a fun and healthy way to stay on track.

Today, I will be reviewing two amazing pedometer devices that are super-hot right now.

The Misfit & the Fitbit.

Both have multiple types of devices in their line-up depending on the needs of the user.

So let’s talk about some of the differences and likenesses of the Fitbit FLEX and the Misfit SHINE devices.

Fitbit and Misfit also come in an array of colors and styles that are interchangeable. From Tory Burch necklaces to Swarovski bracelets.

So, from my findings, it’s plain to see that Misfit is the clear winner. Even though they both have similarities, the number of convenient features of the Misfit swamps Fitbit’s capabilities. But I do love the fact that both devices let you add your food for the day, so you can keep up with if you’re turning into a “little piggy” or “lean, mean, eating machine.” It’s all interactive to keep you involved in what you are actually doing and putting into your body.

But when it all comes down to it, it really depends on you.

Which looks and feels good to you and what will “fit” your needs in the long run.


If you ask me, I am sticking to my MISFIT FLEX.

Here are the links to check'em out yourself, enjoy!



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