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Uncommon Goods: A great place to find Geek Gifts!


So we've all been there.

What do I get my Geeky friend/family member/significant other for whatever life event/holiday is coming up. It's so hard to buy for them when their tastes are so "specific."

Well, I think I can help, being there are maybe 5 Levels of Geekhood, and I consider myself to be at least a Level 3 (mid-level.)

How about trying...

Uncommon goods have some of the coolest high-end-at-an-affordable priced items I've found out there. And they have something for everyone. Drinker, artist, gardeners, music lovers, decorators & kids from 0-100!

I want to introduce you to some of the fantastically items they offer, but before that I want to give you a little intro into what makes Uncommon goods so awesome.

"We know that there’s a story behind every product. It’s that of an emerging designer just introducing her work to the world; artisans working collaboratively in a low-income country; or a seasoned artist crafting each of his pieces by hand. With your help, we’re building a community of passionate people who love our products and connect with the stories behind them. We’re growing not only our artist family, but also a strong following of customers who celebrate artists and delight in surrounding themselves with creative design."

- Uncommon Goods - About us


Lets take a look at what you could possibly get for the Geek Guy in your life:

Now, don't forget the Ladies, the Mommas! We're Geeky-licious too! Let's look at some of the supremely cool gifts you could give to your GIVA (geeky-diva):

And they also carry gifts for the Kiddos!

I just really love this site because of all the fantastic items you can find here. Every item has a usefulness at it, so you don't have to worry if its going to be something that gets re-gifted, or will be sitting in the back of a closet of something.

Your "Giftee" will be pleasantly surprised that you found something on their level when you shop at uncommongoods.com.

-all information on products were sourced from uncommongoods.com

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