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The new and "SIMPLE" way to save money without the struggle.

Everybody needs money right?!

Well I want to share a “simple” little trick with ya…

I know that with all that’s going on in your life like school, kids, mortgage, car note, student loans, daycare, and yada yada yada, it’s hard to save. Your money already belongs to the universe!

Well, believe it or not, you DO have the income to save; and I want to show you how because I am using this method myself.

It’s called SIMPLE.

Such a sweet little name that says so much!

Basically, SIMPLE is a prepaid VISA (sort-kinda) that you use to allocate deposits from your banking institute to your individual long-term savings goals. Goals are the different savings that you setup depending on what your future goals are.

For example, I have 6 Goals setup right now. When I set those goals up, I plugged in the date when I want to complete the savings goal and how much money I want to have saved by the time my end date arrives.

As you can see above, the layout shows the goals that I have created, how much is currently saved, how much I still need to complete the goal, and also how much I should be saving DAILY to keep current with my goals. Some of the goals are for next year, and some will complete in 2021. Whatever your needs are, SIMPLE can help you make it happen.

All you have to do to get started is go to the SIMPLE website, and sign-up; then SIMPLE mails you your very own stylish card with your name on it.

You activate it just like a regular bank or credit card, and you are ready to go my friend! Go online, and setup your desktop account so you can see and setup your goals and transfer activities. I would also suggest downloading the SIMPLE app for easy access to your account. I did and its amazing! And the layout is super user-friendly to manage. There is also a customer chat feature on the app when you have questions.

The other great thing about this card, is that when you transfer money from your bank to the SIMPLE card, the funds are deposited into your SAFE-TO-SPEND balance, which you can easily see at the top of your app/desktop screen. You can spend this money like you would with a regular ATM/credit card and the money that you save in your goals won't be touched if you overdraft. And speaking of overdraft... THERE ARE NO OVERDRAFT FEES! NO FEES PERIOD!

You should be sold at this point!

So scoot your little booty over to SIMPLE RIGHT FREAKIN NOW!

Your future & your family will thank you. And your family will be like indentured to you foreva yo! So in that way, SIMPLE is supplying you with bragging rights and servants at no charge for the rest of your live.

So, you're welcome!

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