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I had a blast at this years 2016 Dallas Comic Convention!

This year's 2016 Dallas Comic Expo did not disappoint. I even got to meet the first superhero, the man himself, Jesus Christ!

And let me just say, that the wait time 4 entrance was seamless. The doors opened at 9 a.m., and the line started to move 15 minutes after. When the lines began to move, it only took me about 10 minutes to cross the threshold into comic book nerd Nirvana.

And once I made it into geek Heaven, the place was breathtaking! Everything your little geek heart could ever want in one place, under 1 Roof, waiting on you and you're insufficient Financial Banking Balance, LOL!

And everyone came out in full comic book glamour!

(Except for me. I procrastinated, and didn't finish my COSPLAY in time, dang-it.)

So, just to let you get the full effect, I'm going to let the pictures from this year's 2016 Dallas Comic Expo speak for itself. Enjoy.

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