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G&G Quickie: Parenting vs. Nerding

This has been on my mind for some time now. And I just need to share with like minded parents, parents-to-be & parents of the future.

Also, if you are one of those cosplaying parents that do matching family cosplay, I commend you. You are #doingitright my friend!

But here goes my rant. LOL.

Cons of being a Geeky Parent:

  • Less Money for Pull-list Comic runs.

  • Finding a baby-sitter so you can continue going to Comic-Con. Because the one time that I brought my daughter when she was a baby in a stroller... People are evil. And that is all I have to say about that.

  • Trying to finding time to work on your Cosplay Ideas

  • Standing in the 12pm Showing of the opening of the Newest Movie instead of the 12am showing like all the rest of the geek community

  • Feeling like you’re back living with your parents when you try and sneak and watch your Anime Porn

  • Can’t spend your weekends drinking wine & reading comic books, all day & all night, with your gay best friend.

  • Can’t save up for 3 to 6 months to fly out a Comic Con in LA or NY

  • Buying a new gaming system on a whim at $300 a pop is over, it’s going to take about 3 checks to save up to walk up to that register with confidence

  • Having to put your collectibles up or even more frightening, putting them away in storage because you have a kid that just won’t take no-no for an answer.


  • Umm... I am still trying to figure that out. LOL

  • Do matching family cosplay, i guess. (wink)

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