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Artist to Know & Follow: Natalie Mazin

I started following Natalie on Instagram back in November 2016 after I did a search for Artist/Etsy. And I was immediately pulled in by her magnificent craft.

She took all my (and your's too possibly) favorite characters from a wide range of comics & cartoons throughout the years of pop culture, and created Three Dimensional works of art. If you can imagine a childhood fav, I'm pretty damn sure Natalie was created it already.

Here's a lot bit more insight into Natalie Mazin's craft & her love of Pop-Culture 3D Art.

Artist Natalie Mazin Occupation Retail sales (Full Time) and Artist (Part Time) Company Nat Mazin Social Media & Online Store - @natmazin, natmazin.etsy.com Where you are from Toronto, Ontario, Canada Tell me a little about yourself. Your everyday life, your passions

I studied visual arts at Guelph University and went on to study Fashion Arts at Seneca College. I have been with my now Fiancee for 15 years (who I proposed to) and lucky for him he said yes ;) I work at a clothing store full time with some great friends and awesome customers. When I’m not at the store and not creating art, I love to go out for dinner, watch movies, binge-watch tv series and travel any chance I get. How long have you been an artist?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always looooved to be creative. It really is the best medicine. It’s the one subject in school I never skipped ;) Probably started at the age of 5 until now (33) and hopefully will continue to forever! How & when did you figure out you liked doing this type of artwork?

It started in elementary school when I started hand crafting birthday cards for my family members and closest friends. Every card had pop-up features. The 3D thing just always appealed to me. It slowly grew and developed from there. Tell me about your process when you decided to turn your passion into a business

I decided to create an Etsy account about a year ago, and listed some pieces that I had made. The response was great but I had a hard time getting people to see my work. That’s when I opened an Instagram account. The response has been incredible! Instagram has proven to be a great tool for getting exposure and connecting with my community. I think people also love the idea of having a custom-made art piece. We all have those favourite images and iconic figures that we grew up with, and I get to recreate them all with my 3D style!

What inspires you to create?

Anything and everything! The best is going to an art gallery or searching for other artists on social media. There is sooo much talent out there, and it’s all inspiring. Starting with an image I love, recreating it in Illustrator and putting the pieces together in my own style. There is no better feeling than finishing a piece and having someone love it enough to spend their hard-earned money on. You just know it’s going to a good home where someone will appreciate it. Biggest compliment. It will never get old. What or who are your favorite characters to create?

Marvin The Martian, Snoopy, Fred & Wilma Flintstone, Birdo (nintendo), Donald Duck, Betty & Veronica.. The list is honestly endless. Who are some of your favorite artist?

Charles Fazzino, Shelby and Sandy, Matt Gondek, Romero Britto, Thomas Kinkade, Fabio Napoleoni, Tom Everhart.. Lots! :) What would be your dream commission?

One of my dream commissions would be to do a giant 3D mural covering an entire wall. It would take FOREVER, but it would be an incredible experience!

Soooo... I truly hope you've enjoyed reading about the Artwork of the amazingly talented Natalie Mazin! And if you see her a CON, be nice and give her all your moneys. LOL. Don't forget to pop over to her instagram and her Esty Store, and find that one piece that could brighten your day!


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