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Baby Gadgets! If you don't have these, what are you doing, baby!

I know that this article may seem a little out of the norm for the Gadgets & Geekery genre. But if you remember reading the part about "Gadgets" that should give you some kind of justification for this post.

The other reason for me posting it is that some of you (not all of you) are parents or soon to be parents; and since I've become a parent, I've found some really cool baby gadgets that make your first couple months a tiny bit more bearable.

Below are some products you might want to look into before your bundle of poop, I mean joy gets here. (wink)

First up, is UrbanHello Remi.

UrbanHello Remi is a super smart alarm clock for you and your kids to maintain a healthy sleep routine. It offers a night tracker, a storyteller, and a sleep trainer! I honestly wish I had this for my daughter, because I would constantly worry if she was getting a full nights rest. And it would've been nice to have bed-time stories read to her in her crib when I was finishing my college course assignments.

Here are Remi's features straight from their own mouths:

Customizable Bedtime Routine: Create your baby’s customized bedtime and nap time routine through alerts, lighting, music and more.

Customizable Time and Display: You can customize REMI’s display. Even let your child use the app to learn how to manage their bedtime routine.

Friendly Reminders: Make your baby comfortable at night with the adjustable nightlight, or even play your baby’s favorite lullaby!

Baby Sleep Diary: Track the sound of your child's nights, create and maintain a diary on your app to help you identify what conditions are ideal to foster your baby’s sleep routine.

Walkie-Talkie: Use REMI to listen to your baby or talk to you child and let them know it’s time to turn off the lights or get out of bed in the morning.

Bluetooth Connectivity: REMI connects to your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about using up your monthly data plan while connecting with the app. This also enables you to play your child's favorite songs through the Bluetooth Speaker.

This baby gadget literally brought tears to my eyes. And I will tell you why.

In 2009, when I had my daughter, I sat in my doctor's office and explained to him why breastfeeding was just to much of a hassle, and what could he offer me to stop the flow. I just couldn't figure out a system to pump while I was at work, running errands during the weekend, or trying to hang out with friends or parties.

I know there are tons of super women out there that do it with the same or more obligations than I had. But it just was not happening for me.

So, for you all that share in my pain or are thinking about the task ahead...

I give you Willow - Wearable Breast Pump

(insert tremendous applause here)

Allow me to let Willow explain how freakin' awesome this god-sent of a gadget is:

Everything you need to pump is right here. With an all-in-one design, Willow works quietly inside your bra, collects your milk in an internal bag, and tracks your volume through the app. Now you can move freely and do things—real things—while you pump.

Mobile & Hands-free: With no external tubes, cords, or dangling bottles, you are now free to move about your life as you wish.

Quiet & Discreet: Where’s Willow? Pumping quietly inside your bra—so you can take that conference call without the mute button.

Simple & Easy to Clean: Your pump shouldn’t feel like a puzzle. Just put a few parts together and pop two in the dishwasher. Done and done.

Effective & Intuitive: Willow is so smart, it senses your let-down and automatically transitions to expression phase based on your body’s own unique milk production and timing. Willow does not make you wait a pre-set time.

Now, this last gadget, I did have the pleasure of using on my daughter when she began to eat baby food; because I hated carrying around glass baby food jars & spoon! And by luck, I found this sweet little lifesaver that combined both.

The Boon SQUIRT Spoon

Here's what BOON had to say about their brainchild:


SQUIRT isn't just a spoon; it's a revelation. It takes baby food, removes the jar and the mess, packs it into a single utensil and with one squeeze-- boom! You get easy, one-handed feeding. Pop on the cap to seal food on-the-go. Caution: May cause gobbling and an uncontrollable appreciation for anything delicious.

I hope these little nuggets gave you hope for the future! And if you have family and friends that are about to journey into the great unknown of parenthood, why don't you be a pal and share this post with'em. They don't know it, but they are going to love you for life!

Happy parenting!

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