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G&G Movie Review: Wonder Woman


I went to the Premiere of DC's Wonder Woman a couple of days ago, and I gotta say... I think this Woman is gonna single-handedly save and raise the bar for the DC Movie Franchises!

I know that sounds like a lot to put on this movie's shoulders, but gosh darn-it, it's the truth.

The producers didn't need to go as dark as the Dark Knight movies to be gritty, because war torn Germany during the Nazi Era is dark enough. But don't get it confused, there was a seriousness during the entire film that delivered on point edginess.

I also believed that DC producers added all the right elements of the legendary character of Wonder Woman from the early/beginning days of Diana Prince, circa 1941-1945, to the film. And movie-goers need to be realistic about how much of that could be added, left out and left to the imagination. And as most Wonder Woman fans know, there are many levels and story lines that branch off for the Princess, as in all of the universes of DC Comics.

For those that don't know about the history of Wonder Woman, read here to learn more.

I personally think DC got it right this time!

I also love that the creators started from the beginning of Wonder Woman's tale (excluding the on screen "clay" birth of her origins, and her secret father Zeus) from childhood, to training warrior learning about her powers, to the full fledged heroine fighting for justice against the German Nazis and evil doers alike. And fighting the Germans along side Steve Trevor & Etta Candy was a huge part of her early years on the DC scene. So I was extremely happy to see that played out on the big screen.

Below, are snapshots from my DC Encyclopedia on the multi-layered background of Wonder Woman: (hope you can read it, there's a ton of good stuff in there.)

But back to the movie already...

I thought Gal Gadot was magnificent. She did an outstanding job portraying Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Her on screen emotional range was a happy surprise for me, as she managed the capability of being soft & compassionate to the opposite end of the spectrum of strong & ferocious. I was mesmerized not just by her jaw-dropping & locking good looks, but by the way her face expressed the pain she felt for those that could not fight for themselves and the utter disgust for those that would not fight for the greater good of all mankind.

Let me also add that her trainers should pat themselves on the back, because she executed her fighting choreography with expert skill, in the scenes she did. They were chalk full of 360 camera angles & slow-motion precision. So the viewer could soak up every last delicious bit of it!!!

The CG character was seamlessly sewn together with Gal & the stunt-double; I never thought for one moment "God, this looks cheesy!" I was enthralled the entire time. It made me miss my Capoeira days. And my daughter's eye were all afire to see a woman doing all that, and not waiting for a man to save her.

And speaking of fight scenes... Get an eye full of this gallery below!

Everything about this picture was fantastic!

Themyscira was breathtaking! And felt just as majestic as the comic books.

On a final note, I am just really proud of what DC has done here.

And this is a very important film for women & girls in today's world. We can be great beings with & without the help or protection of men, and Wonder Woman embodies that through and through.

I hope you have enjoy this G&G movie review of DC's Wonder Woman. I'll just leave you with these last images from the film.

Oh, PS...

I would have loved to see a Lynda Carter cameo, but hey, things happen. She stated that she had scheduling conflicts and just wasn't able to get to where the film was being shot & uphold her other obligations. Maybe in the future. (Fingers crossed!)

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