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G&G Review: Netflix - Death Note


It wasn't that bad!

When I first saw the teaser months back, I was already turned off because I could already tell that it WAS NOT the Death Note I grew to love. I won't get into the topical reasons why 'cause that dead dog has been beat enough. Basically, I felt nothing in my loins, that would make me want to watch it.

So the big day came yesterday, and I still kept putting it off. And a follower hit me up in my IG DM to remind me about it. That was around noon I guess. And I finally bucked down to watch it last night at 11:40pm... And I was already tired. I was just not trying to give this movie a chance, but I needed to do this review.

If you don't know anything about Death Note, cool. Then you might not understand all the belly aching. But if you want to find out more about the history of it all, click here. I can't make this blog 1 million words filling you in. (wink)

Now, if you do know, you know you had the same reaction (or delayed reaction) that I had.

But once I started it, I had to throw away everything that I know about the manga, anime, Japanese live-action Movie, and Japanese live-action TV Show. Just trash it! Well, I tried at least.

So... I watched it.

Allow me to break it into 2 parts. Pros vs. Cons. Here we go.

  • They had a great cast.

  • The story-line flowed.

  • Ryuk looked amazing.

  • And like the anime, it still made me think about, would I do the same thing with all that power if I had the Death Note in my possession.

  • If you know L, Keith Stanfield played the hell outta that character. Listen to him speak, with pauses and nuances just like L. Oh, my dude did his thing!!!

Umm, yeah, that's the good I got out of it. I thought there would be more. Hmm, sorry guys.

First of all, I thought that I would care about Light being white & L being Black. I don't. That's the least my problems with the film.

  • I feel like they wrote Light's character kinda soft, pouty and really just a little on the bratty side. Light from the anime was extremely smart and level headed. He was beyond his years, more than a high school student.

  • Where the hell was Light's sister? (petty, I know.)

  • The whole name changes were hilarious to me: Turner? Mia instead of Misa? I know, i know, they're american.

  • Why the hell would anyone tell someone they barely freaking know that they have something as powerful as the Death Note in their possession? Not me! You're just asking for trouble. Either they turn you in, or you'll have to kill them when you become paranoid that they're turning on you.

  • Why did they cram some much into 1 movie? As long as Death Note has been around, there is no sufficient way to stuff all that drama and shit storm into 1 damn movie! Why didn't Netflix make it into 13 (1) hour episodes? Maybe they'll make a part 2, but would that be enough?

  • I didn't understand the purpose of Light having Mia as a girlfriend. It was nothing like the power play relationship that Light had with Misa in the anime. There was an actual reason for it.

  • It moved soooo freakin' fast. And because of that, so much was left out. Good stuff too.

  • The whole cat & mouse game and intense mental chess game that Light & L played out in every episode did not translate here. Totally a waste.

And I am going to stop here. There is more, but I can't. (sign)

I know that we all (true fans) can feel that the tide in "Hollywood" will never change. They are going to make what they want without a care to want the fans want, or even if their story is a heap of garbage. They will always make money from the fans overwhelming urge to see the project, and non-fans just going to the movies to see something cool on Friday night.

Really sad. But hey, at the end of the day, it's just entertainment.

If you'd like to check out a full list of the Death Note Rules, click here.

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