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Liquid Lola's Thursday Thang with Special Guest Madame G of Gadgets and Geekery!

Liquid Lola is: Gamer Chick, PS4 Fangirl, Proud Nerd, Singer, Live Streamer, and Wonder Woman. My interactive hangs are a place where we can all chat about current gaming news, movies, tv shows, and whatever else we feel like! Keep it positive and we're cool! I also broadcast Let's plays and play with subscribers. Super Chat supporters get extra love! I always just go with the flow (like liquid, HA!). And you ALWAYS get a birthday song if you happen to come through on your bday!


Tuesdays: 7pm

Thursdays: 3pm


TWITTER - http://twitter.com/liquid_lola

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WEB - http://www.liquidlola.com

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