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B: The Beginning. Netflix' newest anime

Times are changing and this is especially true for the anime industry. As far as I know, anime old timers only know an industry totally dominated by Japan, as there were almost no others but those who dare to take them (Japan) on. However, Netflix is defying the paradigm with series like B: the beginning. By the way, they did it well, follow me and I walk you through this amazing anime, without spoilers.

At first sight, the anime looks like a mystery thriller involving melancholy detectives and beautifully created serial killers; but this is far from that. The actual story develops around two main characters, Keith a super talented detective with the most intriguing past, and Koku a superhuman being living a duel personality life; one is up for intellectual vengeance and the other is in a quest two rescue his wayward lover. Their destinies begin to collide, and while the mysteries unravel for both characters, the story is directed so perfectly that you are going to devour episode after episode, just in the hopes to get to know Keith and Koku more in-depth. However, there is more about this anime that will glue you to your chair during the whole season.

It should be noted, that the anime had a big budget, since all the animation is so gorgeous and provides the viewer with an outstanding immersion; this is perfect, due to the generous amount of action scenes that we encountered is fair to say that almost half of each episode is an action scene and the other half is dedicated unravel the mystery. Let's not forget about the soundtrack which is also top quality.

B: the beginning is a great anime for investing a couple of hours binge-watching if you are looking for something different and exciting. Moreover, we hope that Netflix keeps investing in this industry if the results are going to be this good. For the moment we will keep waiting/hoping for the next season.

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