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Are Human Companions Replaceable?

What if you found out the girl you're crushing on, upgraded her top-drawer lover to a full bodied Adonis? Or what if the guy you've got the hot-cha-cha's for just shot you down, because unbeknownst to you, he has a long legged, thick, sexy goddess at home waiting on him?

Would you feel... INADEQUATE?

All that said to ask if you've noticed the viral social media posts & hilarious videos flooding the internet in the past few weeks, about a "trending" topic that has actually been around for the past 20 or so years.

With the recent re-emergence of SEX DOLLS or the more recognizable named SEX ROBOTS on the scene, they are causing major emotional disturbances and has sparked the nations public opinion on both sides of the fence.

Well, hopefully your mind isn't to closed up tight like a steel vault, but if it is, just drop your guard for 5 minutes and listen to both sides.

And both statements are my attempt at speaking as both sides, For & Against the making, purchasing and use of SEX DOLLS.

I also wanted to state that in life, before you get your guns a blazin' & start standing firmly on an opinion that you haven't truly invested time in thinking about both sides, you should know you are only making a SNAP JUDGEMENT. Because we all live these individual little stories and have daily trails that set us down pathways that signify our motives for doing whatever it is that we do.And the same goes for this.

Now that I've gotten all preachy on you, let's break it down.

The Parties of "Hell to the NO!" vs. "But She sexy AF tho Fam!"

I went into writing this blog knowing that most people reading this might fall into HTTN side of the argument. And if not, indulge me while I try my darnedest to explain why HTTN's are not trying to engage in acceptance of a "one-sided" sexual relationship with one of these made to order, sexy, flesh bags. No matter how corporeally & visually real SEX DOLLS may seem.

So let's take a look at the multiples of reasons why folks are against them and why the other half may think SEX DOLLS are a gift from the sex gods:

  • Why would anyone have sex with a life-sized doll? How desperate does someone have to be to hit rock bottom like that?

  • Well, for one, we are all different. And so, different things turn us on.

  • Secondly, not everyone is socially accepted in the same way. Or better yet, people are shunned for their physical appearance. And we all know this to be a fact. Because we've all been rejected by someone we've been sexually attracted to. The majority of us bounce back, and for others, this can cause a life time of anxiety and self-doubt.

  • This is so gross! Isn't this like having sex with a dead body?

  • ​Well when you think of what happens to a dead body over time, it's in no way the same thing. A dead body will be hard and inflexible because of rigor mortis, SEX DOLLS are smooth and the skin is boisterous like all the soft parts of lady.

  • I'm a single woman looking for a man, and can't! Now I've gotta compete with a Silicone Seductress?!?

  • Just think, some men have felt like they've been competing with dildos for decades. But they keep trying. Its not about competing with a doll, its about a personal preference. Removing all the negatives of dealing with another individual. And just getting down to the primal need of having sex. And same goes for women that purchase SEX DOLLS.

  • And think about all the guys you may have turned down for one reason or another. Now think about how many other woman may have rejected him for those same superficial reasons. That can wear on a persons self-esteem. Yes, men can have self-esteem issues. So in order to take control of their own sexual relationships, they create their perfect woman that will always be there, with open... legs. LOL.

  • Only a demented person would purchase a doll, which they can control every interaction. Including how they look physically, the clothes they wear and so on. That's creepy as hell!

  • ​What if you were given the keys to the "Sexy Soulmate Factory" and you could make the man/woman of your dreams? No holds-bar! Wouldn't you make them as close as possible to perfect? And you don't have to worry about all the day to day conflicts of being in a relationship.

  • And some people don't want to deal with the mental stress of sexual performance anxiety. Haven't you ever been with someone, and told a close friend "He just came to fast" or "She just wasn't adventurous enough for me"? When you have a SEX DOLL you can release all of that and immerse yourself fully in the pleasures of "healthy" sex life.

  • What about the dolls that look like "children?" I don't condone pedophilia!

  • This may NOT be a case of pedophilia. There are people that enjoy the aesthetics of ANIME/MANGA which gives off a cartoonish look. So hopefully, this is the reason for the misunderstood appearance.

Well, I hope me playing Devil's Advocate/Debate Team with myself answers some questions and curiosities on both sides. And I know there are a million more speculations to why there is a huge demand for SEXUAL COMPANIONS, but I would be writing for days. There's no way you would read something that long. If you even got this far.

But if you still have some inquires, and still aren't quite sold on why people are buying these damn sexy dolls, I've added a ton of videos below... Enjoy!

*All photos are property of: Sinthetics Real Dolls & Real Love Sex Dolls

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