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Black Lagoon: Anime Review

"This is a story all about how ROCKS life got twist turned upside down!"

Lets play make believe, Michael Bay, John Woo, and Ang Lee made a baby, that baby took steroids, had a Brian Bosworth Mullet a terrible coke addiction, but a lil bit of heart that’s Black Lagoon.

Its starts with Rock (Rokuro Okajima) a mild mannered businessman who through no fault of his own is abandoned in the care of the BLACK LAGOON shipping company, a band of Pirates borne out of 1980’s action flicks.

Throughout this WILD series you are introduced to the personalities of the Black Lagoon shipping company and the major players in all their shifting alliances. Danger is around every corner for these modern day pirates but fortunately they got one BAD MOTHERFUCKER named REVY whose itchy trigger finger and bad mouth are justified through beautiful writing.

The stoic Dutch is the captain of the ship and feels like the closest thing this crew has to a moral compass, but when the time comes he definitely lets it all hang out. The crew is rounded out by Benny their tech expert whose calm demeanor definitely brings some peace to the sometimes chaotic crew.

I loved every second of this show the gunfights were amazing and the writing is excellent. One thing that stood out for me were the female characters, from the impulse driven Remy to the powerful mercenary leader Balalaika (my personal favorite), these women run the show and really push the narrative.

The show also has many moments when the crew have to make tough decisions, and thanks to the excellent script the weight of those decisions is never lost on the viewer. Aside from some questionable language choices the show is DOPE AF!

Check that shit out on Hulu the whole series is there for your viewing pleasure.

Pictures credits Geneon Entertainment and Shogakukan

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