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Bose Audio Sunglasses: A Pros and Cons Review

Bose comes out with inventive and stylish things. I had a moment aimlessly walking around Microcenter where, lo and behold, there was a display where you could try the new Bose Frames Sunglasses. Get this, these sunglasses are also headphones.

Even before I tried them on, there are things about this new piece of technology that absolutely amaze me and absolutely terrify me. Let’s explore these pros and cons I noticed while trying on the Bose Audio Sunglasses.

Pro: The Sound

Well slap me silly, this sound is beyond excellent. While there is a little bit of space in between your ears and the speaker, the sound is better than your run of the mill ear buds. Very crisp and clear. That alone is enough for me to buy it.

Pro: Great For Anyone Who Hates Ear Buds

There are some people who hate ear buds. I always have the issue of them falling out. Over the ear headphones can be annoying to anyone not wanting their ears smooshed. Nothing touches the inside of your ears and, like I said above, you can still hear well

Con: God Help Anyone Around You

While the sound isn’t loud enough to wake up your entire block, folks nearby can hear you. Perhaps not every word, but I personally find the sound of muffled singing to be bothersome. Imagine being on a bus ride for 12 hours while someone is using these. Not cool!

Con: Sweet Mary, The Price Tag

While the crisp, clear sound was enough for me to buy it, the price tag was enough for me to put it back. $200? No thanks! Maybe I’ll wait to see if they go on sale, but with Bose being the name brand as it is, I am not expecting it to go down that much. With the sound being as good as it is, I could see it being a little steep in price. However, my wallet tells me to walk away.

What do you think of Bose Audio Sunglasses? Do you think you will head out and buy a pair? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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