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Freaking Romance Review

Romance, mystery, self-discovery and….. GHOSTS!?! If you love slice of life anime and strange twists, you will love this WebToon!

Picture credits Snailords

Scrolling through the WebToons app, I was looking for a new comic to read with my boyfriend. We have a tradition of reading comic books on the back deck once the kids fall asleep. It is just a moment to change the tone of our night and grasp what little silence we can find during quarantine. As I searched, I scrolled upon “Freaking Romance,” a comic posted by Snailords that completely caught my eye. Not only was the artwork beautiful, but with a name like “Freaking Romance” it must not take itself too seriously. Sounds like my kind of date night!

Picture credits Snailords

The story is about a young woman named Zylith who is struggling to find her voice and independence. Along her journey she, like any well-meaning lover of all things paranormal, decides to rent a haunted apartment. In any other situation I would find myself way too afraid to even consider reading a “ghost story,” but when the ghost looks like a K-pop star, the story is way more focused on fan service than giving nightmares.

Typically, I read more superhero comics than anything. I love the combination of action, adventure, and comic relief. Despite not having most of these qualities, Zylith’s personality and conversation style is beyond relatable. Although I would never choose to live in a haunted building, her inability to flirt and frantic inner voice say “Charlie” all over it! Underneath the layers of comedy and mystery, an underlying romance blossoms and keeps you coming back for more.

Picture credits Snailords

In addition to some great writing, the artwork for this web comic is phenomenal. I was reminded of the illustrations I loved so much reading Sailor Moon manga in high school. And even beyond the art, some issues are paired with music to add to the ambiance. If you love anime, cats, and a good rom com, “Freaking Romance” may just steal your heart. New episodes are posted to the Web Toons app every Saturday, perfect for your own quarantine date night!

Picture credits Snailords

You can find "Freaking Romance" by Snailords on the WebToons app or at https://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/freaking-romance/list?title_no=1467

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