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My Top 7 Stylish but Protective Covid-19 Masks

When Covid-19 hit us all in the States in March 2020, we didn't know how we were going to protect ourselves and our families out here in these streets. (Well, ya'll didn't, I had a whole ass fall-out bag over here after watching Netflix's PANDEMIC that aired in January.) Surgical mask manufacturers were totally out of everything, Amazon was out of everything, and eBays trash-ass sellers were overpricing EVERY DAMN THING.

We finally got our collective shit together around July, when said Manufacturers began "burning the candle at both ends" working day and night producing protective items for American citizens. And Amazon began showcasing some reputable sellers (some from China) that could increase American's access to protective gear.

But after we got over not having enough protection to having enough (personally, not including hospital need) we started thinking about how we could drip them shits out (make them personally fashionable and acceptable to the masses!)

Then creativity crept in, and here we are, showcasing some of those extraordinarily DRIPPY and protective mask creations brought to us by the artful masterminds of the internet. GOD BLESS THE GAAAWDAMN INTERNET.

#7 - Disposable 3-Layer Protective Surgical Mask - $7 - $10

Like Drake said, "Started from the bottom..."

This babies got us through, especially all of our medical hero's, fighting on the frontlines of Covid-19. So I will always be appreciative of this little guys. One of three of the most protective mask out there. Style aside, I always keep a 50 Bag in my car, 3 in my purse and 2 extra in my child's backpack when she's out of my sight at school.

Not that stylish, but dammit, it gets the job down. Now, if we could staple one to every American's face that doesn't want to wear one or those wearing them beneath their noses, maybe we could get this shit under control. MY GAWD!!!

Per Amazon about this item

  • Box of 50 Masks In Sanitary Dispenser Box: Our 3-layer sanitary Masks come In a sealed plastic shrink-wrapped box that has a perforated dispenser top, so you can conveniently dispense one mask at a time.

  • 3-Layers of Filtering Protection: Our 3-ply masks contain a premium pp non-woven outer filter layer, a premium melt-blown polypropylene filtration layer, and a premium soft absorbent pp non-woven inner filter layer. Soft elastic ear loops and flexible adjustable nose clip.

  • Easy Breathing, Comfortable to Wear: Tri-folded masks that extend down to cover the face from the nose to underneath the chin with a snug secure fit. The masks are designed for general sanitary purposes only. They are non-medical and are not proven to reduce the transmission of diseases. Single-use masks.

  • Ideal for Most Workplaces: Our essential personal protective masks are worn all over the world in most common workplace environments. They are used by Salon and Spa Professionals, Food Service, Retailers, Warehouses, Offices, Schools, both Indoors and Outdoors.

  • Masks Ship from the USA: Salon World Safety Brand is a division of TCP Global Corporation, a trusted worldwide company that has been in business for over 45 years.

#6 - Custom RESP MASK by artist Daniel Allen Stevens - $60

I love the fact that this brotha saw a need and stood up to the challenge. We want functionality, practicality, protection with Geek Flavor and that is what Daniel has given us. He hand makes each masks to fit your individuality. You want Wolverine, Sub-Zero, Captain American, Jason Voorhees... Daniel's got you! And you can take it a step further by customizing the color of your straps and knobs. The only thing I would change (as I told the creator) if you have a big head like myself, the top strap needs to be a bit longer so the masks edges that connect with the check bones don't pierce the skin. One more thing that's great about this mask is there's no fogging up of my glasses.

Check out Daniels Etsy store here.

The RESP MASK is a respiratory mask designed specifically to help keep you from inhaling viruses, bacteria, or particulate. Since we're all warring against this pandemic we might as well look like cool characters from a dystopian movie.

The RESP MASK features:







  • FUN

#5 - BAZ Mask - by T Pink Elephant Company - est $32

I really like the smooth, sleek design of this mask. I truly love the way the mask creates a sealed suction around the face, so you actually feel protected. The only (not so much) downside is that with all that suction, condensation begins to gather inside the mask. Not really an issue, because the wetness never touches your skin. You'll just have to dry it out after every use. No biggie. And no glass fogging.

Here's what the have to say about their product on Etsy.

Full Seal Mask, No more breathing in unfiltered air from the top/bottom & sides of the mask! The Baz Mask Silicone Respirator The Silicone Baz Mask was designed for efficiency, protection, comfort & style. For those working for hours with a mask, the Baz Mask will keep you comfortable and cool. Best mask for extended periods of mask use in work, airplanes, schools, essential workers, retail, waiter customer service, rideshares, Lyft, Uber, etc. Why it's $40? You might ask. To sum it all up, the work that was put into it goes into the research, re-assembly, handmade filters in proper pandemic precautions & protocols making it easier for you to wear straight out of the package. Each part of this mask is thought out to be as convenient as we can make it. We are very happy with how this mask came out. We do feel you will enjoy the mask, feeling comfortable, convenient, and most of all safer. 3M Filters are hard to find and make, but we will do our best to make them with proper pandemic precautions & protocols... keeping the product as professional as we can. 3M filters says it's able to filter out a good amount of: Lint, Household Dust, Dust Mite Debris, Mold Spores, Pollen, Pet Dander, Smoke, Smog Particles, Cough/Sneeze Debris, Bacteria, Viruses, Candle Soot, PM2.5, Exhaust Particles, Ultra-Fine Particles. The 3M Filters are electrostatically charged to help it even more with filtering. Main Features:

  • RESPIRATOR :: Silicone provides a FULL AIR SEAL around mouth & nose

  • ALL DAY COMFORT :: Silky Soft Silicone + Touches a Small Area of your Face + Temperature Adaptable + Light Weight = Comfortably Cool Mask

  • PROTECTION :: Only breath thru high-grade filters PM 2.5 filtration

  • ANTIMICROBIAL COPPER MESH :: The Antimicrobial Protection of Copper | “… Copper contact killed the pathogens within minutes” - Bill Keevil

  • RAISED MOUTH AREA :: No annoying lips touching the mask (depending on how voluminous your lips are)


  • BAZ Silicone Mask

  • Plastic Filter Holder (front & back)

  • Four - 4 Layer PM2.5 Filters (KN95 grade filter element)

  • Extra String Tie | For fastening mask around head

  • BAZ Mask MAX: 3M Filtrate 2500 (Merv-14) | Two-Layers rated at 95.47%/VERY

  • BREATHABLE for this level of filtration/Very TALKABLE for this level of filtration

Two Layers of Cotton 8.74% N95 95.32% KN95 90-97% Cotton Mask 8.74% Keep your friends and family SAFER, STYLISH & COMFORTABLE

#4 - Vader Mask by The Sith Crafter - $38

I haven't purchased this mask, but when I saw it, I thought of all my wonderfully geeky viewers that would totally ADORE this little dark-side gem. I might have to add it to my list of geeky gifts to myself.

Here's what the Sith Crafter has to say about their product:

Introducing the Vader Mask!

This mask has been developed and prototyped by our team at 'The Sith Crafter' over the past months. It is a fully 3D printed mask using recyclable plastics making it 90% Eco Friendly!

Inside the mask is a replaceable PP Filter which is used throughout regular covid masks.

The mask is easy to adjust thanks to the heavy duty Velcro straps.

Check out the commercial to see all the advantages of our Vader Mask in the link below.


Check out more of our work on our Facebook Page in the link below!


Check out their Etsy here.

#3 Rawrycat Face Mask by Rawrycat - $20

I purchased this mask on Etsy, but haven't received it yet. I can't wait because it looks freaking amazing! And I'm excited to see whether or not my glasses will fog up. But I'm pretty confident that after seeing the creator wearing his fogless glasses above, that my 4 eyes will be just fine. I'll update once I received the mask. (wink)

Here's his description...

Rawrycat Pet Products is proud to announce the Reusable Rawrycat Silicone Face Mask (for humans!). The current global situation has temporarily changed our plans of launching pet products, and we had to make a quick pivot to deliver a mask that offers superior comfort and style!

We will hopefully get back to our amazing pet products soon, but for now we are offering something just for humans!

The Rawrycat Face Mask is made of food grade silicone, and is designed to be better than your average mask. Our Patent-Pending design allows for maximum comfort while keeping you covered.

Dishwasher safe means it's easy to clean! You can wash with soapy water, dishwasher, or even an autoclave! Our Food Grade Silicone is designed for durability, reuse, and easy cleaning and care!

Also! Here's a discount code! Go to Rawrycat.com they can use code GADGETS for 15% off their first order!

#2 - Reusable Silicone Face Mask with KN95 Filter by Vivzone - $30

I saw this beautiful mask on Touch of Modern couple of months ago, and I'm just now finding the Vivzone's (the creator) website where you can purchase directly from them. To be honest, T.O.M can be super expensive before they throw the discount countdowns on their items. And this was the same with the Vivzone Mask which was $60 on the T.O.M website.

Here's the description on Vivzone's website product page:

Designed with reusability, breathability, comfort, and fashion in mind, this protective silicone mask provide a comfortable space between the inner mask surface and the mouth of the user (providing for ease of breathing and talking) while providing a well-fitting seal between the mask and face of the user.

With 4-layer replaceable inner filters and easy clean/sanitize/disinfect silicone material the reusable silicone masks can serve a wide range of protective uses.

Food-grade silicone construction of mask allows for ease of sanitizing/disinfecting by means of hand-washing, dishwashing, or boiling in water.

Product Details

  • Materials: Food Grade Silicone

  • Measurements: 5.5"L x 4.7"W x 2"H

  • Origin: China

  • Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year

  • Includes 2 Masks & 2 Replaceable Filters

  • Silicone Construction Is Easy To Clean, Sanitize, Or Disinfect

Custom Filters

  • Rated To Effectively Filters 95% Of Bacteria, Viruses, & Other Germs; PM 0.3-2.5, Dust, & Other Air Pollutants; Pollen & Other Allergens; Bushfire Smoke, & Cigarettes

  • Compliant With The Quality Standard Of KN95(GB2626-2019)\Recommended To Replace The Filter After 7 Days Of Use

  • Additional Filters Available Directly From Vivzone

#1 - N95 Silicone Face Mask by the Shield of Faith Store - $20

"Fantastic fitting! Soft touch on face! Breathable! No fogging up my glasses!!! Perfection!" - My Review on Etsy

I have been looking for the perfect masks since the CDC informed us all that we needed to mask up. Some fail, some pass. But overall, the Shield of Faith Mask has exceeded my expectations! As I stated in my review, fogging is a huge deciding factor for me since I wear glasses all day every day, and had no issues with this mask. I also love that it creates a slightly protective suction barrier around the face, that doesn't feel like a octopus tentacle.

The plastic adjusters on the ear-straps are sturdy and won't slide off, or irritate your ears.

And the main MAIN thing is that the Shield of Faith Mask is BREATHABLE and easy to change the filters. Speaking of filters, these last 50 HOURS!!! That equals about 6 days of use (if you work an 8 hour shift.)

The creator has given G&G a 20% OFF Discount Code (being 12/7) Use GG2020 at checkout.

I can't say enough about this Mask, but here's what the creator had to say on their Etsy.

Our N95 face masks are made with FDA approved silicone. Elastic ear bands and soft silicone create a comfortable seal on your face. There is no blowback to your eyes or glasses when expelling air. The seal creates distance between your mouth and the mask so you can speak clearly and not have material on your lips. You can wash, boil or place in the dishwasher to sanitize. The silicone mask is very flexible, dries quickly, and comes with 10 easily replaceable filters. Each filter has 50 hours of usage time.

SIZING: One size fits most. These masks will fit those with a minimum measurement of 3.50 in to a max measurement of 4.5 inches from bridge of nose to chin. Please see sizing guide for reference.

Cleaning options: Dishwasher safe or hand wash with soap and hot water.

Applications: It is used to wear in the ordinary environment, to block the exhalation of pollutants from the mouth and nose.

The product is sterilized by UV before sale.

Storage conditions:

Store in cool, dry and ventilated place.


1 Silicone Mask

10 KN95 Filters

1 Filter Reinforcements

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