• RS Kee

Rainbow - Poem

A rainbow is a wondrous masterpiece in the sky.

This seven-layer color prism floating above.

Everyone enjoys a rainbow on clear or gloomy days.

Seven different colors combined to form a singular unit.

Individually, they would not stand out.

Separately, they do not spark joy.

Yes, we all have a favorite color but they blend to stand out.

The red is nothing without the orange.

The yellow, is nothing without the green.

The blue, indigo and violet, unseen provide the foundation.

The seven arcs join together for all to admire and enjoy.

Like the seven continents of the world, beautiful in their own way.

In the Bible, seven represents completeness and perfection,

But there is only one human race like there is only one rainbow.

Race comprises of varying colors, cultures and religions.

Each group intriguing and special in their own way.

Why can't you love me for the color of my skin?

Then praise someone with tanned skin and enhanced lips.

You embrace ethnic culture, music and style.

Yet you despise and put down the originators.

We, the people of the world are the rainbow.

Each of us with a beauty to be admired and revered.

Though we are at the bottom of the tier, we are the foundation.

We are the force holding everyone and everything up.

Like the unseen colors of the rainbow, we are important.

A variety of colors, shades and tones to be in awe.

Each complexion as brilliant as it’s fellow neighbor.

Love me for who I am and the color of my skin.

Embrace the natural fullness of my lips and curves of my hips.

We are the rainbow, shining bright on this earth.

To be enjoyed and respected like the brilliance of the rainbow.

No one singles out the bright red of the rainbow, the orange or the green.

The rainbow encompasses all colors and is nothing without the other,

Much like the blacks, browns, reds, whites and yellow of the world.

Not one color, not one race is more beautiful than the other.

Every continent with a uniqueness to be appreciated.

We are strong, proud and hold it down for our families and friends.

Like the bottom arc of the unseen colors of the rainbow.

Admire us all for our beauty and our strength.

United we are strong, we are the rainbow on this earth.

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