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Still Being Redeemed

Finally it’s here! After 7 LONG Months Red Dead Online has been updated. It’s been a long wait for sure. If you have been following along, the (excellent) moonshine update was added to the game back in December. Since then it's felt like the wheels fell off in some ravine in Hennigans stead.

Courtesy of Rockstar Games

The game has suffered from many bugs and poor connections since launch, you could spawn on the map and then the camp was nowhere to be found, or you couldn’t move your camp, or animals simply wouldn't spawn.

All these issues culminated in the “clown revolution”. Many loyal players, fed up with R* perceived negligence, decided to dress their in-game characters as clowns, because if the company was going to treat the players like that the least they could do was dress the part.

Of course the fact that we have been in the midst of a global pandemic, we could be a little easier to the empire that is R* but, who am I kidding, this the internet age bish.

Courtesy of Rockstar Games

So how is it? I give it a big whopping “meh”. The naturalist role feels like a tuned up collector mode for animals. Now don’t get me wrong I love me some hunting, so at first I ate this up. I was even more jazzed when they introduced the legendary gators earlier this week, but then all of the hunts stopped working and we were back to where we started from. Overall the game is light on content and those looking to get something more than these fetch missions will have to wait a little longer. Fortunately along side this update came Outlaw pass #3 which adds even more options to play cowboy dress-up.

Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Hopefully R* will introduce some sort of update in the near future which will put an emphasis on skull duggery letting us rob and loot till our outlaw hearts are content and our bounties are high. Its easy to forget that it took a full year before GTAO was optimized. Until then, at least they gave us the ability to throw dead cats that's good for a few laughs.

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