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The Splendor that is Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon (original title "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon") is one of the most famous Japanese manga ever, extremely popular among the people who grew up in the 90's thanks to the very successful anime.

The manga was published in Japan in the early 90's, written and designed by Naoko Takeuchi and tells the adventures of a group of girls who defend the Earth from alien invaders and other threats. The series has become an authentic bestseller that has generated film transpositions, OAV, musicals, plenty of gadgets and live-action movies. In 2014 a new animated series was produced in Japan called "Sailor Moon Crystal" which is a remake much more faithful to the manga than the original anime (it is much shorter even if there are some significant differences, especially in the Arc of the Dark Kingdom).

The manga created a series of very similar products where the plot saw a group of girls fighting against different enemies in fantastic worlds. It can be said that "Sailor Moon" was what "Goldrake" or "Mazinga" were for the genre "Mecha" in the 70's. The manga has been very popular among girls but also has fans among male readers, fascinated by the costumes of the protagonists and their beauty.

The themes dealt with in the manga are many, from love to friendship, but also very controversial topics such as the homosexual love story between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, which caused censorship and changes in the international adaptation of the work, are being tackled.

The protagonist of the manga is Usagi Tsukino (Bunny or Serena depending on the location of the anime), an awkward and naive girl who discovers she is the incarnation of the Princess of the Moon. Along with the other Sailor warriors protect the world from various threats. The male protagonist is Mamoru Chiba (Marzio, Armando or Darien depending on the adaptation) that loves Usagi and helps the Sailor warriors with the secret identity of Tuxedo Mask (Tuxedo Kamen or Milord in adaptation). The protagonists have no particular psychological depth but are nevertheless well characterized.

Not everyone knows that Sailor Moon has a prequel, entitled "Codename Sailor V" and the main character was Minako Aino (Sailor Venus), one of the Sailor Warriors. The manga is very similar to "Sailor Moon" in many aspects (character design, themes treated, enemies) and even the attitude of Minako is very similar to that of Usagi. The success of "Codename Sailor V" led Naoko Takeuchi to create Sailor Moon, but she chose to create a new protagonist, Usagi.

A little curiosity: the hairstyle of Usagi, the characteristic "odango" had been used by Naoki Takeuchi in her youth, and some of the characters have the name of her family members.

To an adult audience the stories of "Sailor Moon" may seem simple and full of plot holes, but for a teenager, they are fascinating and have a strong nostalgic impact for all the people who saw the anime when they were children.

In any case, "Sailor Moon" is a manga that has rightfully become a part of history.

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