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Wakandacon Is The Best Convention For POC To Attend

I attended Wakandacon and I can assure you: this is the BEST convention for any POC to attend.

I’ve attended several cons, even dressed as *cough* this. I got some great reactions out of it.

But I will be honest with you, there are some struggles in attending other conventions as a POC, from constant hair touching to being asked if you’re the black version of [insert cosplay here] it can make attending conventions a lot less fun.

Taking place in Chicago, Wakandacon is a convention that gets it’s name from the fictional land where Black Panther and his tribe reside. On their site it says: “Wakandacon is a 3 day Afro-futuristic celebration for comic nerds, pop culture buff, big thinkers techies, creatives, storytellers, gamers, science geeks, dreamers, makers, movers shakers, and anyone contributing to the culture!”

POC Cosplayers Galore!

Wakandacon was jam packed with amazing cosplayers. Some were new to cosplay and some were seasoned professionals. But I loved seeing how happy they all looked to be there. See if you can find some of your favorite characters above!

Amazing and Intriguing Panel Discussions

The panel programming was simply amazing. For example, in the panel Cosplaying While Black, there were many discussions about the not-so-great aspects of cosplaying, but also a lot of encouragement to keep going, despite the haters. Other panels included Queerkanda, Brainstorming Techniques for Women of Invention, and The Influence of People of Color in Pro Wrestling

Kid and Family Friendly

I feel that a lot of conventions say that they are family friendly, but not many have things for kids to do beyond a play area. For POC with children, this con is a dream. Everyone was so accepting and friendly to the kids. They had a STEM station for the kiddos to make their own planets. The best part was the kiddos had their own panel. The Jabari Warrior Stunt Workshop taught children actual stunts and fight choreography from Black Panther.

Wakandacon was an amazing convention to attend and I can't wait for them to announce the dates for next year. Do you think you will attend next year? If you did attend, what was your favorite thing about Wakandacon? Let us know in the comment section below.


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