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Watch out google, cheaper iPads are coming!

Cupertino Giant, Apple Inc. Is preparing to introduce new and affordable iPads and educational software next week in a bid to win the war of educational gadgets (Hardware and Software) from Google and Microsoft Corp.

The event which will take place on Tuesday at Lane Technical College Prep High School in Chicago will make it the first time Apple has held a product launch geared towards education since 2012 when it unveiled a tool for designing e-books for the iPad. Apple accounted for 17 percent of mobile computing shipments to American students in kindergarten through high school, according to data from the third quarter published by Futuresource Consulting. Devices running Google’s operating systems on Chromebooks or Android tablets held 60 percent of the market, and Windows PCs had 22 percent. While Macs and iPads make up less than 20 percent of Apple’s sales combined.

Apple currently offer loads of different educational software. The Tech Giant's Classroom app for the iPad lets teachers manage Apple devices that are assigned to students for their classwork. There’s also an iTunes U app that lets teachers issue homework, grade assignments and post lessons online. It also allows students complete assignments and take tests. The company offers a software coding curriculum via the Swift Playgrounds app and sells interactive textbooks through its e-book store.

Apple said it will introduce “creative new ideas for teachers and students.” Having a venue where attendees can see the new technology in action inside a classroom would be a sound strategy for a company that focuses its announcements on live demonstrations.

According to Apple’s website, the school where the event will take place is not an “Apple Distinguished School,” a designation given to institutions with curriculum that uses Apple products and provides iPads to all students.

We all know how expensive apple products can be, considering how much a decent Chromebook could cost. A decent Chromebook could cost a price as low as 175USD. The question is, can apple produce a device with a price similar to the aforementioned or slap a “Apple” price tag on the new device and we all say “Oh it’s an apple device, don’t expect much”. The iPhone 5C comes to mind, I could remember the 5C being called the cheap iPhone 5, not so many people would agree to that claim after the device launch.

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