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What's the Tea?: Will he kiss me?

I'm sure you read the title and for a split second you thought "Will he kiss me? Not another blog about if a guy will kiss some girl." (insert eye roll here) but be easy my pure minded readers. This isn't about a romantic movie-esque moment of true love or a tender "omg, I love him" moment; It's about dick. Your man or soon to be man's dick. We all know men receive a gratifying shock of stimulation whenever their little (or big) buddy is blessed with the presence of lips wrapped around it. A good blowjob is the pinnacle of sex for most men, with some refusing to have sex if their partner won't open wide. The point is: they like having it touched and they're really weird when it comes to it. To them, that's the biggest blow of passion (pun intended) to take things to the next level. But what about us?

I'm sure I'm not the only one that looks up at their man with a mouth full wanting to have the deepest passionate make-out session anyone has ever had. I want to lay into him and really show him how to take it up a notch when it comes to foreplay. But, in those 2 seconds that I pop it out and lean upwards for a kiss, I wonder what he's going to do and how men feel about kissing after sex. Do they like it? Would they push you away like those popular memes we see online leaving you to go sit in a corner of rejection and brush your teeth? Or even worse, would the sex stop? To answer this I asked a few men to give me their opinion on the matter.

Now, I was surprised by their answers. I found that some had actually thought about it deeply. The overall consensus was: HELL YEAH! There were some that graced me with a delightful "no" or those that said "they wouldn't do it if Buddha himself asked them to". I got the tea on both sides and here are some screenshots of the immediate responses I got following some quotes from others.

**Disclaimer** Some of the men wanted their names and/or pictures hidden while others I spoke to wanted to remain anonymous. I have respected each of their privacy and adjusted each picture accordingly. Also, one of them was a little graphic, but hopefully you're 18+ reading this.

Now, I asked every man to elaborate. These are the responses I got:

Shawn Murphy: No! Hell no! I'd never. Kissing her after she's had me in my mouth is like sucking a cock. I don't want to know or care for what that tastes like and I'm definitely not going to taste my own cum. That's disgusting. I don't even kiss her after I go down on her. She knows she has to drink water and spit before I kiss her again after that.

Jason Nentwick: It's disgusting. Plain and simple. I pee from there. She probably has cum in her mouth. I don't want to have cum in my mouth. I don't want to have the taste in my mouth. I ask all the women I've been with to brush their teeth.

Man 1: Why not? If she puts her mouth on my dick, why wouldn't I kiss in return? I feel like it works both ways. What's sex if you aren't doing nasty stuff? We're already doing it so we might as well go for whatever. If a man stops his woman in between to do something as dumb as brush their teeth, gargle, or whatever he's taking time away from the sex. If I had a woman tell me I had to stop and brush my teeth I wouldn't even come back wanting to do it anymore. We'd have to start over again cause you've just lost some of that passion.

Rox Xelion: Like I said earlier. In the moment, who even thinks of things like that? Why not just go for it? It's sex. You don't think about it. You just go with the moment. If she wants to kiss, do it. I'd most likely get harder thanks to that.

Man 3: Who the hell wouldn't? They'd have to be really vanilla and not open to much. She wants to kiss, I'm kissing. I don't wanna take any time or her pleasure away from me sticking my dick in her. Kissing during sex is important. I don't see how anyone would want to miss a moment to kiss their partner. I love kissing my girl. I don't care if she has my piss in her mouth. It came from my body. How can I expect her to put it in her mouth, yet I whine when she takes that same mouth to kiss me?

Andrew Traynor: I mean, I'd kiss her on the forehead. I'm open to kissing her on the lips, but she has to be someone I'm 100% SURE I love. I don't wanna just kiss any woman who sucks my dick. I feel like kissing after she sucks my dick would be a very intimate moment and I don't wanna share that with anyone.

Anonymous Answers:

"She puts her lips on my dick, She can put em anywhere else."

"If I buss in her mouth and she swallows my lips are hers."

"Nah. That's nasty. I'd be tasting cum. NO."

"I mean, it came from my body. She could kiss me like I'M the woman if she wanted to."

"No. Hell no. Buddha could come himself and tell me to kiss her. I'd put my shit up, grab my coat and be OUT. I'm not tasting her after I've buss."

"Of course. I'd kiss her just for being willing to put it in her mouth. Some women don't give head."

"I'd kiss her like she's never been kissed in her life. I'd kiss her after tasting her pussy and she better not dare tell me to stop. So hell yeah I would."

"Look, sex is all about connecting with your partner. One of the classic and oldest ways to connect is to kiss. When you're having sex you'd want to have the deepest bond you can with your partner. Where they kiss you and when isn't even a question. Just do it."

"She puts the dicky in her licky she can get a kissy."

"I'd pull her in for one. I'd feel like a dirty towel if she just did it and wanted to go straight into sex."

"Come on now, who thinks it's fair to have her suck your dick then cry like a baby about her kissing you? You're kissing throughout sex anyway. Might as well."

All in All, most men would don't mind kissing after sex. Some don't under the stipulation that it's someone they have a high level of intimacy with, because they enjoy it, or because you gracing them with you lips on their dick deserves a kiss. Some refuse citing the notion that tasting their own cum isn't on their bucket list. What do you think? Would you kiss your man after giving him a blowjob? Men, would you kiss her after she gives you a blowjob?


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