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Why Fans are still waiting for Hunter x Hunter & Berserk?

A hiatus is some of the worst news that you could give a fan about their favorite manga. It consists of a long pause in the story, sometimes it can take years to come back. For many series, this will never happen, since the public, in general, have not the patience to wait for the return of the manga. However, in the case of hunter x hunter and berserk, something unusual happened, people are actually waiting. It should be noted that these particular manga are on hiatus most of the time and fans that have started reading them when they were little, now are still waiting as adults.

But why are we still waiting?

We choose these manga because they share something that is so appealingly wonderful and unique, which are the deep development of their characters and the richness of their universes, where their respective stories develop.

In the case of Hunter x Hunter, we became immersed in The World of Nen, the fantastic chimeric creatures, and that unexplored world; we just want to know more and it doesn't matter how long it takes. Additionally, we want to know what happened to Killua, Gon and Izoka, they went in what appears to be opposite directions, but where?

For berserk, it's a similar case of: What happened to Casca, will she recover her mind? Will Guts be able to be happy? Will the falcon conquer the world?

The success of these mangas and that “je ne sais quoi” that makes them memorable is the passion of their respective authors for their creation, their masterpiece.

Nevertheless, for them, it must be really stressful trying to keep up with the expectations of their fan base.

With that said, it is understandable, why the creators take so much time to release new content.

Stay thirsty my friends! LOL.


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